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Young World Ministry!

We all live for our youth, and yet it seems as if there are so many young people who do not respect their elders who have lived to care for them for their entire lives.

The importance of establishing better relationships between the young and the old is vital in this ministry. The young people must be aware of the fact that they are constantly getting older every day and that there will come a day that they will no longer be young but will need to look to the young for assistance in life. Many elder people in the nursery homes are mistreated by younger people who are paid to care for the elder. This could very well be so because of the seeds that were planted when those who are now elders,when the were young. This is a cycle that we must educate our youth to break. God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sow, is what he shall reap. Therefore if young people live with no respect for the elders, then how can they expect to be respected when they are no longer young? The world does not want people to focus on the real issues of life and therefore, there is always something else established to attract the minds and the attention of the people. This page is a call for the Young World to get connected to the Word of God and understand the importance of honoring the elders, in order to live a long and prosperous life.