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Are you ready for a life changing experience?


Young World Ministry!


1. Turning the hearts of youth and families to God and loving people with the love of God.

There is a need for the turning of hearts in many lives. There are some people who have never heard the good news of the gospel, and we cant believe, what we have not heard. There are others who have heard the good news of the gospel, and yet they do not believe, because of the things in this world that they see. We must keep in mind that those who are not walking in Christ are not yet walking by faith. Therefore we have those who are walking by eye site and we must strive to meet them where they are, we must meet them at their eye site and when they see us, they must see what Christ wants them to see. Every Christian must be sure to understand that one of the most important roles in turning hearts to Christ is to be sure that people see what Christ is showing them in our lives.

2. Help people find their way back to God

3. Reach people with the life giving message of Jesus