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Are you ready for a life changing experience?


Young World Ministry!

Come and help us to build up the Kingdom of God by being doers of his word. God's spirit lives within us. When you help others no matter what the circumstances maybe, you are really being doers. Let us help you in understanding his Word, as we share in learning what God requires of us all.

Sometimes we go through situations in our lives and we ask the question, why me? The "why me" is just a part of your testimony, you have to have a testimony. Testimonies help to build your faith in Jesus Christ. Do not give up, continue to pray and ask God for his guidance.

Prayers are not always answered instantly, but they are answered. When you are at peace with the decision that is made and it was made out of love, God was a part of your decision. God will not let you bear any more than you are able to. Remember you have to go through something in order to get to that which is your destiny. Each day of our life is a test. That's why we must know and understand His Word, so that we can overcome the temptations of this world.

Our Lord Jesus was tempted of the devil, if the devil tempted Jesus then we know that he will not hesitate to tempt you and I. We can not stop the wind from blowing, this is why we must be the tree that's rooted and grounded deep enough in the Word of God that the wind is unable to blow us down. We encourage all young people to become a member of a spiritual organization at an early stage of life because it takes time for people to become grounded into the Word deep enough that the storms will not blow us down. This world consist of struggles on a daily basis, we have to have the strength that only God can give us in order to prevail over our struggles and claim the ultimate victory.

God will never forsake you, and God is with you all the time, even when times are at their worst, God is there to make the hard times useful for our better days! No matter what you are going through, remember that God is there with you!

I am Pastor Kelvin L Mathews, and with me on this site is my wonderful daughter, Kelsey Mathews. Together we will do our best to produce studies which we pray will be useful to you and your love ones. We want to spread the true love of Christ in your home through your computer. We pray that you will join us in our studies, make this site your favorite, and even become a member of Young World with us! Thank you and may your home be blessed more! Amen!